Ranveer Singh launches ‘Apna Fashion Aayega’

Ranveer Singh launches ‘Apna Fashion Aayega’

Ranveer Singh generally is known for his unique style, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has recently shared that he stopped fearing being judged for his fashion statement after he started doing what he really felt like doing, reported Hindustan Times.

When asked, if he gives in an extra amount of effort when it comes to fashion, the 32-year-old stated, “No, I’ve actually had a little bit of a journey when it comes to style and fashion.”

He continued and said, I have always wanted to be attracted to irritable new and experimental ideas style. Growing up, in school and college days, I was always open to experimenting with matching outfits with my haircut styles.

Ranveer started his fashion and style Institute named as ‘Apna Fashion Aayega’ in Mumbai Bandra Location. He admitted that will admire peoples and their fans who want to join their institute.

He also admitted, this fashion and style institute would give you a better sense of Ranveer style fashion. He will guide and suggest the better fashion and basics of fashion design from designing to the ramp walk.

Fees of ‘Apna Fashion Aayega’ is affordable to everyone. He is not going to charge in money. He said learn style from your home. Just bring all old clothes like sarees, salvar kameez, kurtis, and bell-bottom pants, etc. This will be my gurudakshina. I will teach you everything from these clothes only.

He also said, I just believe in Fashion style and it’s an expression. I actually stopped filtering my expression and started doing what I really felt like doing and not fearing being judged. Once, I started being an original, being true to what I felt I do and I guess that got recognized widely – my distinctive style. But honestly, that is just me being me.

Ranveer is currently busy for the ‘Apna Fashion Aayega’.

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