Good news to smokers, New 15 Rupee coin announced.

Good news to smokers, New 15 Rupee coin announced.

The finance minister has announced Wednesday that the release of a new 15 rupee coin. He said that the new Rs 15 coin could be shaped like a dodecagon. A dodecagon is a 12-sided polygon. New 15-rupees coin would not look very different from the current 10-rupee coin and will also be 27 mm in the sphere, like the Rs 10 coin. However, it will not be circular like the Rs 10 coin. It will also have no marks on its edge, unlike the Rs 10 coin that has a hundred serrations on the same.

Now let’s see why the government need to add 15 rupee coin to the current currency. The last two year Reserve Bank of India received 80 Lakh 40 Thousand letters from random people from all corners of India. In that letter, everyone requested to add 15 rupee coins to currency. Everyone shared there own reasons as to why we should have 15 rupee coins. So some of them said because of the change. Currently, the standard cost of cigarettes is 15 rupees. Every shopkeeper asking for 15 rupee change instead of taking 20 rupee notes. We are getting frustrated because of this problem on a daily basis.

Some of them said traveling through government public transport is getting hectic because of asking a change for a ticket. Already all are in late then conductors start arguing over change. We kindly request you to make 15 rupee coins as soon as possible.

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After discussing the government decided to make this 15 rupee coins because instead of banning cigarettes we should help to smokers they should not be in trouble. 60% to 70% of revenue in India comes from the tobacco industry. The public transport is also very important. So the new 15 rupee coin will be coming in mid-year of 2020.

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