Public demands that complete these all task and become the CM of Maharashtra

Public demands that complete these all task and become the CM of Maharashtra

The looking delayed in the formation of government in Maharashtra. The public came on the front and demands that India is a democracy country you need to complete these all tasks to become Minister in the government of Maharashtra. Let’s see what people demands.

  1. All the candidates fill the pathole in Maharashtra and write the name of the candidate on filled pathole. So that they can count how much patholes filled by candidate.
  2. Candidate should be work in the farm for 8 hours daily for a week.
  3. Candidate should be traveled in local trains of Mumbai. There is also a condition. Pick up the Virar fast train and leaves the train at Borivali station the same for the central line also pick up the train from CST and leave at Thane station. Harbour line just travel start to end.
  4. Candidate should cover the 500 KM road by traveling a normal MSRTC bus.
  5. Candidate should live for 7 days where is water scarcity. There He/She should be treated as a common individual.
  6. Candidate should swim from Arnala to Churchgate with a one-stop break at Juhu for 15 min only in the rainy season.
  7. Candidate should be getting his children’s education in a government school.

Once he completed these all tasks let’s public will decide the whose gonna form the government of Maharashtra. Each task will be getting some points. At the end, all points will be calculated and then CM of Maharashtra will be decided on the basis of all points.

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