Mumbai Metro line 1 soon launching new metro train for two-wheeler

Mumbai Metro line 1 soon launching new metro train for two-wheeler

Mumbai Metro another lifeline of Mumbaikars. As we thought after starting Mumbai Metro line 1 the traffic on Andheri-Ghatkopar road, traffic will be decreased. But because of faulty road traffic remains the same. So the government decided to launch a new metro train for two-wheeler commuters.

On peak hours, all commuters faced huge traffic on a daily basis. Unnecessary road construction, incomplete roads, n number of potholes cause these huge traffic jams. One guy who works at Chandivali Powai started a journey from the western express highway. He took 2 hours to reach J.B Nagar metro station. He had his breakfast on the signal. Another insane thing is he had his lunch at the Sakinaka metro signal. He took almost 3 and a half hours to reach Sakinaka. So he decided to write a letter to the government about these traffic jams.

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To get control over this traffic on the Aandheri-Ghatkopar road government decided to cut the traffic by removing the two-wheeler commuters on the road. These two-wheeler commuters will travel by the metro train which currently running Versova to Ghatkopar. There will be extra space for two-wheeler parking in the train. Only two-wheeler commuters can travel by this metro train.

This metro train will be launch by before the rainy season in 2020. So all commuters will face some fewer traffic issues. Once this project success it will starts on other upcoming metro lines.