JNU student burst his iPhone 11 Pro for not getting rangoli

JNU student burst his iPhone 11 Pro for not getting rangoli

‘Bhai rangoli dena’ which is most sent text in this Diwali 2019. This is because Google play offered Rs 251 for collecting 5 stamps by doing transaction.

While some of the people got all these 5 stamps including Diya, Lantern, Jhumka, Flower, Rangoli. But most difficult stamp was Rangoli. You need to do the special transaction to get the Rangoli. Looking struggle of people to get the Rangoli Google play extended this offer to 11 November.

One of the student of JNU collected 4 stamps only the Rangoli was remaining. For getting this he struggles a lot. He booked the Movie tickets by using the Google play but no luck for Rangoli. He thought paying for Food will get the Rangoli. So he went to Starbucks and paid the bill by Google play even he failed to get the Rangoli this time. One of his friend suggested buying electronics things will get the Rangoli. Then he went to Apple store and bought iPhone 11 Pro this time he also failed.

He got depressed and suddenly he throws his new iPhone on the floor and burst it badly. Now he going to protest on Google play for this scam.

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